Hello. My name is Chris Sterricker and I am a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic in the near Chicago suburbs. I have been in the fire service for 18-plus years and have served in small paid-on-call departments, medium combination departments and my current all full-time department. This has allowed me to have many different experiences from drafting and tender operations to ghetto apartments and gang-bangers. I have always loved training and improving myself as a fire-medic and have been involved in training in one form or another at each department I have worked for. I have a deep seated belief that it is our duty to pass on our knowledge and experiences to the next generation and to try and make those that will replace us better than we were.

I am married to my beautiful and very understanding wife Caryn, and together we have two school-aged daughters. Every once in a while you’ll see a post regarding family life and how it relates to being a firefighter, so I hope that brings some additional benefit to some of my brothers and sisters out there.

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you find this site worthwhile.

One comment on “About

  1. Jim Maloney says:

    Nice job brother, keep posting


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