About the Name Backwards and Stupid

Over the years there have been a couple incidences of the name of my blog being interpreted as something it was not and leading to some friction among readers. So let me explain.

Backwards and Stupid refers to the traditional riding position of a back-step firefighter. In the jump seat, facing backwards and the tongue-in-cheek reference to not doing anything without being ordered to do so by an officer. After all, officers know everything and we’re just… well, stupid. Again, tongue-in-cheek. Hence the tag line, “The Best Job on the Fire Department.” It in no way means that any individuals, departments/districts, tactics/operations, equipment/structures, or other websites/blogs featured here in name or by picture/video are in fact backwards and stupid. Unless specifically noted as such 🙂

So that’s it. Pretty anti-climactic but I wanted to add something that explains the name in case there was any confusion or I was inadvertently offending anyone. Because believe it or not I really don’t like pissing people off.


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