Melina does an outstanding job honoring the memory of Captain Jeffery Bowen, Asheville, NC Fire Department. Her perspective and emotion reminds us that there are others out there who hurt with us, who bleed with is.

Our Front Door


I remember it like it was yesterday, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tears. It was all so real, so painfully real. I could never forget.

At first they just called to tell us that 445 Biltmore was on fire, this building, for those of you who don’t know, is directly connected to our hospital, our home, our place of safety. Everyone was out and there were no known injuries, Awesome, everyone is safe! From an ER standpoint we should be in the clear, now the firemen could get to work, put the fire out, and the long clean up could begin. However, in the end, that is not how this day played out.

A couple of hours passed and we got a very different phone call. “We need to call a code triage, there is an unknown number of people coming that way from the fire, get ready.”…

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