Obviously This Is The Next Step In Safety

Heads-up displays in our masks; tracking software that allows Incident Commanders to see our movements inside a building on a computer screen; the new low-profile SCBA under development; fire extinguishing grenades; and somewhere, I am sure, someone is working on a robot to go in and put a fire out for us so that we don’t have to needlessly risk firefighters anymore. But until then, there’s this. The next logical step in firefighter safety. Because after all, nothing is really an emergency any more and no one else’s life is worth risking our own.

OSHA: First job at scene of fire is paperwork

As a clarification, when I end my posts by saying, “Stay safe!” I mean stay safe in the course of our job. While doing our job, not as an excuse not to do our job. And I certainly don’t think that more government agencies with little in the way of practical firefighting knowledge or experience should be handing down mandates that actually make the job more unsafe by removing a company officer and allowing the fire to build. <Shaking my head> I just don’t get it.

Stay safe while continuing to do the job we have all sworn to do.


P.S. I know this is childish, but, know how we have that other name for the NFPA? Maybe OSHA’s should be the Occupational Stupid Head Administration. Just a thought.

English: Logo for the United States Occupation...

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P.P.S  Then, no sooner do I get done posting the above then I go over to get my daily fix of Fire Geezer and I see this article. I almost tested for Grand Rapids back in the day as my wife went to school there and loved the area. Glad now that I didn’t.

Fire Chief Wants to Replace Fire Engines with Pick-ups

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