Quick Note of Surprise and Thanks

Sorry for the lack of content lately, folks. Trust me, there is a very good reason for it. This is just a quick note to make you aware of something that took me completely by surprise and which I found out quite by accident.

Rhett Fleitz from the FireCritic.com in conjunction with Black Diamond manufacturers is running a “Blog of the Year” contest and BAS has been nominated. I had no idea until I stumbled on it accidentally last night. I greatly appreciate this as the blogs that are being considered in this contest are filled with bloggers that I look up to and have read for years before I attempted my own effort. It also means a lot to me because the blogs that are nominated had to be put in by YOU, the readers. Evidently I’m doing something right and may be saying some things that are resonating with some of you out there. I appreciate that greatly.

So, if you’d like to vote head here, look at the list of nominees, check out the ones you haven’t read before and then put in a vote for whoever you think is deserving of this honor. As both the FireGeezer and Rhett have said before me, this gives a great chance for some of you to be introduced to and read blogs you may not have been aware of before. Voting opened on January 24th and is open until February 1st so get a move-on. Have fun checking them all out!

Stay Safe!

Hallway Sledge

One comment on “Quick Note of Surprise and Thanks

  1. Jim says:

    keep up the good work


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