Hallway Sledge is Involved in a Great Debate

Hey everyone. Just a quick post to give you a heads-up on a debate I am involved in over at FirefighterNation.com. Someone who goes by the username of EngineLadder reposted my post, “The Pussification of the American Fire Service”, to his FFN page. Well, that automatically gave me quite a bit of exposure which of course brings with it both supporters and detractors. Someone who probably fits the latter is a gentleman named Ben Waller. Mr. Waller and I have been involved in a back and forth tennis match of comments and replies since I first posted a reply to some questions that readers were asking in regards to my post. I genuinely think it has been great fun as well as a very good and informative debate between the two of us. If you’d like to take a little while to see if I’m completely full of B.S. or not click here to go to EngineLadder’s page on FFN and check out the comments. Any comments, for or against my position, are always welcome.

Stay Safe!

Hallway Sledge



One comment on “Hallway Sledge is Involved in a Great Debate

  1. DaveO says:

    I’m always suspicious of people who come up with excuses for us not to do our jobs……
    eg…….. “It’s a vacant. It might collapse. Too much fire for there to be any viable victims/survivors.” etc.etc.

    I think we should be looking FOR excuses TO DO our job. “Roof mostly intact-ish. Check. Possibility of victims. Check. Entry possible. Check……Let’s go !”.

    Like your blog a lot.
    Fireman/paramedic in the Midwest also.


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